Hyaluronic Acid Supplements

You should not be surprised to find quite a few reviews regarding hyaluronic acid supplements splashed across the internet in various blogs, article websites and etc. The sad part is that almost every one of them is trying to sell you some product without understanding the perspective of a common reader.

Supplements including hyaluronic acid have been generating quite some steam in the fitness as well as the pharmaceutical industry in the current times. You should be aware of the fact that this acid is a natural substance present in our body and has anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory properties. A high concentration of hyaluronic acid is found in the synovia of joints, skin, cartilage and vitreous humor (eyes), heart valves, synovial fluid (joints) etc. This acid has also received an FDA approval during specific eye surgeries such as corneal transplantation, removal of cataracts etc. Although some people might overhype its benefits, this acid is not an artificial invention or snake-oil, it’s something your body already uses to keep itself healthy.

With an increase in age, the body manufactures a lower concentration of hyaluronic acid which is, in fact, a carbohydrate polymer. Thus, the cartilage starts degrading and there is an increasing risk of eyes and various joint disorders such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Intravenous injections of hyaluronic acid are said to guarantee relief for arthritis sufferers. In such cases, the intake of hyaluronic acid supplements may result in the following benefits:

  • The joints are lubricated and made healthier and stronger. There is also a significant improvement in flexibility and a smooth movement of joints
  • The synovial fluid in the joints (elbow, knee etc.) are protected (This fluid behaves as a lubricator and prevents the excessive rubbing of the cartilage tissues)
  • ¬†Improves the health of the veins in your legs
  • ¬†Alleviates the discomfort and stiffness of arthritis sufferers

Hyaluronic acid supplements act to naturally moisturize the skin due to its ability to hold water by binding to it. Continuous long term use creates a wrinkle free appearance and improves the health and glow of the skin. Thus, regular intake of this acid creates an anti aging effect by improving collagen production. You will find hyaluronic acid mentioned in the ingredients of many beauty and skin care products.

Did you know that artificial tears contain hyaluronic acid to treat dry eyes? Problems related to vision can be also effectively resolved by consuming such supplements. Intake of hyaluronic acid in supplemental form helps the eyes to regain the lost moisture which causes twitching of eyes and other forms of poor vision.

Hyaluronic acid supplements can be taken orally or by injection and in some cases applied topically. While oral supplementation is the most convenient and safest for most people, it is also the most difficult for the body to absorb and use effectively.

Many such supplements available in the market do not have the required amount of the hyaluronic acid ingredient which results in decreasing the potential of the product. However, a few effective oral supplements which can be consumed in capsule form are:

  • Source Naturals: Injucv Hyaluronic Acid-60 tablets (50 mg)
  • Purity products: Purity’s Vital-HA Max Formula-90 Softgels
  • Source Naturals: Hyaluronic Acid (Skin Eternal)-60 tablets (50 mg)
  • Now Foods: Hyaluronic Acid with Lignisul MSM-60 Vcaps (50 mg)

Despite having so many benefits, some people do report a few minor side effects from such supplements. Some people experience skin irritation which ranges from mild to moderate. In rare cases, there might be localized skin rashes.

The positive effects from topical applications are sometimes radical and immediate as the skin quickly absorbs water and becomes less wrinkled. If you notice dryness after application, try getting your face wet before you apply the product.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to regard hyaluronic acid supplements as nutritional anti-ageing products. Some people go as far as to call it “the fountain of youth“. Hyaluronic acid is being currently used in many anti-aging and medical therapies. Quite a few reputed brands such as ‘Source Naturals’, ‘Wellness Resources’, ‘Only Naturals’, ‘Conquer HA’ etc. sell such supplements which are also supported by rave reviews from customers. However, do keep in mind that these supplements are not a miracle anti-ageing treatment. It is important to realize that a whole lifestyle of healthy choices is essential to maintain youthfulness.

While there is very little danger in oral and topical uses, it is always recommended to consult your personal physician/medical expert before taking this or any other type of supplement, just to be on the safe side.